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HQT 1004
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Dhofar Governorate
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All Family Members
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From 15 Apr 2018 till 30 Jun 2018

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Hilton Salalah Resort Location: Oukad - Beach front Hotel
Duration: 7 Nights
Category: 5 *
Meal: Bed & Breakfast

Double Standard Room (Run of House)

  • 42 sq. King bed or Twin bed. Equipped with internet service

  • 2 Adults + 2 Child

  • Guest will have a free coffee & tea tray + 1 Bottle of water free every day at the room

  • 15.00 OMR per night on Bed & Breakfast and including extra bed

  • Child under 5.99 years old sharing parents room is free of charge, Child from 6.00 till 11.55 has a 50% Discount

  • Half Bard = 10.00 OMR PPPN,,,,, All Inclusive = 30.00 OMR PPPN

A day in the life in Salalah Tour Type:
City Tour & Culture
Up to 4 Hours
Tour for:
All Family members
Tour Guide Language :
English – Arabic
Runs On :
Daily Basis
Tour Pick Up Time :
09:00 AM

  • The Sultan Qaboos Mosque 

    The location is in the heart of town  

    Another wonderful building in Salalah, a crystal chandelier hangs from an intricately carved 36-meter (118-foot) dome, and a 20-ton hand woven carpet with 115 million individual knots covers the floor. Outside, the landscaped grounds provide a peaceful spot for rest. its opened for visitors from Saturdays to Thursdays from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00. 


    Al-Husn Palace 

    The palace of the government in Dhofar, door is closed for visitors but you can see The palace beautiful building, surrounded by a green garden With an impressive gates and a Very intricate artwork. You can take photos there 


    El Hafa Souq 

    If you like hanging out in traditional markets Al-Hafa Souq is your perfect destination, the largest and oldest souk in Salalah. 

    Al Hafa Souq is an experience to find out more about Oman in a sensational way. It is a good place to buy unique items related to Oman like Frankincense, Omani handcrafted cap, Henna, perfumes and more. 


    Al Baleed Museum Palace " UNESCO world Heritage site " 

    Opportunity to learn about Oman historic and maritime heritage. The Maritime Hall also highlights the major maritime events in the Omani history, Omans relationship with the sea, the contribution of the sea to the development of trade relations with other countries and the Omani skills in the shipbuilding industry. 

    Since its opening on July 23rd 2007, the museum has been an important educational and cultural platform for the Sultanate.   


    Lunch and farm life  

    After lunch، you will enjoy a cool, tender coconut water drink with some fresh bananas direct from the farm. 

    And you can see camels walking under the coconut palms and experience the  

    Agriculture and irrigation system 

    • Guiding fees.
    • Transportation from and to hotel.
    • Entrance fees.
    • Soft Drinks.
    • Tour Guides Language: English – Arabic 
    • Lunch

    • Other speaking tour guide (Italian, German, French or Russian) , An additional fees will added to the tour cost ( OMR 20).
    • Tipping/ Gratitude

  • Please do not forget to take your sunglass, wear your suntan lotion, and comfortable walking shoes.

Half Day West Salalah Tour Tour Type:
Nature, Safari and Sea trip
Up to 4 Hours
Tour for:
All Family members
Tour Guide Language :
English, Arabic
Runs On :
Tour Pick Up Time :
10:00 AM

  • Itin Mountain 

    Enjoy the mountain covered with misty air, green grass, small trees and a lot of animals crossing the road, you can take photos there. The weather on the mountain is breathtaking and you can watch all the city from the top of the mountain  


    Ayn Jarziz 

    A well-known fresh-water spring. and It is a beautiful picnic spot, surrounded by green nature and large trees, making the area a natural painting and  its  one of the oldest springs in the world surrounded by a lot of stories. 


    Prophet Job's Tomb 

    The tomb of the Prophet Ayoub (Job) is located in the hills overlooking the city of Salalah, and it’s the believed burial sites of the Prophet. 

    In the tomb, there is a footprint on the ground believed to be the mark of his leg when God ordered the prophet Job to press his foot down, and there is a hole on the ground where the water gushed forth 


    Al Mugsayl beach 

    If you want to experience the mightiness of the ocean, this is the place for you. Mugsayl is a long stretch of blue water sea and white sand and full of birds and the beach has mountains on both sides, makes the view picturesque paradise and you can see dolphins playing in the sea. 


    Marneef cave 

    Marneef cave is a hollow place in the ground, especially a natural underground space large enough for a human to enter, and there are many benches enclosed the cave for siting and taking photos after that you can see the 3 blow holes a natural fountains, the sea pushes water through the holes and force the water up high (up to 30m) into the air, you can hear the roar of the water. 

    • Guiding fees.
    • Transportation from and to hotel.
    • Entrance fees.
    • Soft Drinks.
    • Tour Guides Language English/Arabic.​

    • Meals.
    • other speaking tour guides (French, German, Italian or Russian), an additional fees of (OMR 20) will be added to the tour cost.
    • Tipping/ Gratitude.

  • Please do not forget to take your sunglass, wear your suntan lotion, and comfortable walking shoes.

Full Day Eastern Salalah (Cultural & Educational) Tour Type:
Culture & Education
Up to 8 Hours
Tour for:
All Family members
Tour Guide Language :
English, Arabic
Runs On :
Tour Pick Up Time :
10:00 AM

  • The old town of TAQA 

    Tour begins with a visit to the old fishing village of TAQA is around 35 km east of Salalah by a long beach, with a paved cornice , famous for dried Sardines & its traditional and old Dhofari houses. And you can see a lot of Omans old houses elegant in their looks, It contains deserts, mountains, valleys, caves, and water springs and it is a perfect place for fishing. 


    TAQA castle 

    in the center of the town, you will visit the most popular castle in Dhofar , it was built in the 19th century it used to be a private residence for a tribal leader, Sheikh Ali bin Taman Al Mashani ,  the grandfather of the mother of Sultan Qaboos. The castle was more recently renovated during the times of Sultan Qaboos and reopened as a museum in 1994. The castle is a great explication on how people lived in the area since the 19th century, there you can hear about Omans history of forts and castles near the sea. 


    Khor Rori 

    Is an Early archaeological site near Salalah, The small fortified town was founded as an outpost for the kingdom of Ḥaḑramawt around the 1st century. 


    The old city of SUMHURAM (UNESCO World Heritage Site) 

    Sumhuram was first discovered in the region in the late 19th century by James Theodore Bent. Some Mormon scholars believe that this is the «land Bountiful». 

    This was formerly one of the major ports of Southern Arabia and an important conduit for the international frankincense trade network.  


    Mirbat Village & Harbor 

    Fishing town some 75 kilometers East of Salalah, is one of the ten wilayats of Dhofar Governorate. It is a charming coastal town situated between the extraordinary escarpment of Jebel Samhan and the Arabian Sea. Traditional boats (called Dhow) are very commonly see in Mirbat pristine coastline as it’s a fishing town nestled in the craggy hills on the approach to the town of Mirbat. 


    Tomb of Mohammed Bin Ali 

    Mohamed Bin Ali who is said to be a descendant of the son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad and titled as the owner of Mirbat. 


    Anti-Gravity Point 

    On the hills after approximately 27 kilometers from Taqa city there is A Magical Place where Car Drives in gravity magnetism. 

    A natural phenomenon, where your car drives itself when you are in neutra

    • Guiding fees
    • Transportation from and to hotel
    • Entrance fees
    • Soft Drinks & Lunch

    • Tipping/Gratitude.
    • In case guest wanted to have a (Russian, Italian, French, or German) speaking guide an additional fees will be added to the tour cost (20 OMR )

  • Please do not forget to take your sunglass, wear your suntan lotion, and comfortable walking shoes.

  • Entry Visa upon arrival
  • Arrival Airport Transfer  
  • Departure Airport Transfer

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